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Plan Your Case

Follow the below steps to initiate your treatment planning process.

Step 1: Submit Your Data

Patient Data Submission

1) Patient Frontal Images (Posing & Maximum smile).
2) DICOM Files

Step 2: 24-Hours Planning

Create Plan in 24 Hours

Our Specialized team will work on your submitted data to formulate a treatment plan within 24hrs.

Step 3 : Discuss Treatment plan

Flexible Treatment Plan Discussion

After all data has been submitted and the plan formulated,
consultation will be provided regarding multiple treatment options.
Whether you want to attend the surgery, choose the hospital, or fabricate/deliver your prostheses, we are ready to provide competent and flexible treatment options.

Step 4: Hospital Booking

EZII Booking process

After agreement on the treatment process.
The last step is booking the hospital appointment, it’s a flexible procedure tailored to each patient’s condition.

Step 5: Performing the Surgery


Short Description

Step 6

Continuous Follow-up